Rogers International PLLC is your partner in the development and implementation of risk-based security solutions. That promotes both the overall safety and security of your organization. Without altering its integrity, character, or future growth potential.

We focus on the real risk

At Rogers International we also know that nothing moves forward without some level of risk. That is exactly why we make it our business to know the specific security risks associate with your venture. We do this so that your decision-making doesn't have to revolve around security. We also understand that no two individuals or organization’s risks are exactly the same. That is precisely why we specialize in providing security solutions that are tailored to meet your real needs. This means both knowing your risks by correctly identifying them. As well as developing an appropriate plan to mitigate them. We say this because we're not going to try to sell you on services that don't fit your needs. So, while others may try to sell you on security services that resemble a box-store solution. We like to think of ourselves as the custom alternative.


What We Do

We believe in presenting our clients with specifically tailored services. Focused on the inherent and researched vulnerabilities of each of their unique locations and mission sets. These services hinge on a cost-effective pairing of expertly trained services. Backed by a dynamic implementation of the latest technology and techniques in the security industry. Dual Medical and Security Guard Services. Threat Assessment and Mitigation through Environmental Design. Assessments and Planning services. For Government, Commercial, Private Entities, and Residential Property.

-Threat Assessment Development
-Threat Mitigation Planning
-Private Investigations
-Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
-Assessments and implementation of Emergency Management Plan
-Development of Organizational Threat Assessment
-Development of Threat Management Plans
-Uniformed and Plain Clothes Dual Security & EMT Services
-Executive Protection and Team Augmented Services.
-Secure Asset-Transportation Security Driver Services
-High Value Asset Security
-Technical Surveillance
-Camera System Planning and Installation
-Arial Drone Security Services
-Instillation Security and Patrol services
-Property Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
-Disaster Relief Services
-Facility Emergency Management
-Individual, Group, and Employee Security, Medical, and Firearms Training Courses
-Event Security and staff Training
-Firearms Training And Much More...

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The Team

Our team consists of Professionals who come to us with many diverse backgrounds and a wide array of expertise. Many of whom come to us from Military, Law Enforcement, Security and Medical professions. Our teams are comprised of individuals with many diverse skill sets. Who are very adaptable to change. Who, when working solo or within a team. Can be customized to fit your exact needs. While we would be more than enthused to display our employees and praise their accomplishments out loud. Due to the multifaceted work we do. We don't disclose their identities to the general public for safety concerns. However you would have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know these professionals. Prior to working with ROGERS INTERNATIONAL PLLC.

Contact Us

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A Proudly Montana Owned and Operated Company. Based in Missoula, Montana

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What to look for when hiring a security firm.
Many companies out there are willing and wanting
to sell you a service that you may not necessarily need.

Red Flags & Things to watch out for:

-If a company is telling you what you need prior to talking with you about your specific needs. Or evaluating your unique situation.-If they are giving you a cost without assessing your level of risk. Or are not familiar with your project or needs.-If their website or social media has outdated information, Or the photos of employees are old with no changes in quite some time. Its a good chance those employees are no longer even with the company. The outdated information also lets you know they may not be doing as much as they lead on.-If they are telling you something that sounds too good to be true and unwilling to furnish proof of their claims. Then it probably is

Questions to ask:

-Are they properly licensed and insured to operate in your area?-Are they in compliance with all you state and local regulations?-Do they have had any infractions in any state they have operated in?-Are their employees properly licensed in the your state or have had any infractions?Many of these kinds of questions you can fact check and verified by your self. By checking with the states Department of Labor Licensing Board.In Montana this information can be found on The Montana Board of Private Security's website.
Or you can inquire by phone (406)-444-6880
Or Email:
-What kind of training have their employees received and can they provide evidence of this?-Do they just meet the bare minimum state requirements for training? If they claim above, will they provide evidence to support their claims?-Do they receive furthering or advanced education and training on a regular basis? If so will they provide evidence of this?-If they have claims of hiring practices. That include only employing individuals with certain backgrounds. Such as a set amount of years of experience, or training in the industry or related to the industry. Can or will they provide proof of following these practices?

One thing to remember. Its your business, project, or event at stake. If you are wanting to contract with a firm that is unwilling to talk with you about your questions. or is dismissive of any of your concerns. Then you may want to do a little more checking into their organization.